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Episode 44: The Silent Treatment: A Cutting Form of Passive-Aggression, with Dr. Bernard Golden

September 24, 2022

After taking a break from podcasting for five months, I'm excited to launch the next season of MIND TRICKS RADIO!  This podcast series explores contemporary themes in psychology, where I interview innovative clinicians, researchers, and thinkers in the field.

In today's interview,  I met with Clinical Psychologist Bernard Golden and spoke with him about Passive-Aggression and the Silent Treatment.  Dr. Golden has written several books and articles on the subject of Anger, including: Overcoming Destructive Anger: Strategies That WorkHealthy Anger: How to Help Children and Teen Manage Their Anger; and Unlock Your Creative Genius.

We do a deep dive today on a form of anger known as Passive-Aggression, and how it can be manifested in the Silent Treatment.  Dr. Golden describes what it's like to be both the perpetrator and the recipient of Passive-Aggression, and some of the psychological mechanisms that underly the phenomenon.  Lastly, Dr. Golden explains ways in which he helps individuals better understand and deal with their Anger, especially as it relates to Passive-Aggression and Silent Treatment.

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