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Episode 22: War Related Trauma and PTSD in Israel, with Dr. Seifan Weinberg

June 15, 2021

With the most recent round of conflict in Israel, I wondered what it was like for Israeli psychologists who treat war related trauma and PTSD on the front lines. I reached out to Clinical Psychologist, Dr. Seifan Weinberg, who is the Deputy Director of the Clinical Unit at NATAL -- an apolitical nonprofit organization that specializes in the field of war and terror related trauma.  He treats veterans and civilians who suffer from trauma and PTSD related to war and conflict in Israel.

Dr. Weinberg described his life in Israel as a psychologist, and the challenges he faces treating veterans and civilians who have been exposed to trauma. I was impressed by Dr. Weinberg's commitment to the patients he serves while also being exposed to the potential of personal harm, as well has his sense of optimism and hope for peace and security in Israel.

Dr. Weinberg received his academic degrees from Bar Ilan University in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv.  He lives in the settlement of Matan with his wife Hadar and 4 children.


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